When Katrina hit Cuba

When hurricane Katrina hit Cuba it killed 2 people.

1,577 died in Louisiana when Katrina arrived in the States.

When Hurricane Charlie hit Cuba, 1.3 million people had been evacuated as a precaution. There were no casualties.

Do these death tolls tell us something about the relative priorities of the US and Cuban administrations as well as the systems and resources they readily deploy to keep their citizens alive?

For me, until the US demonstrates that it has a cure for its own systematic deficiencies* what does it have to teach Cuba - other than this - in the long term, the US way will enrich corporations and landowners whilst the population swim against the tide?

*amongst these I include 2 million US citizens in prison, the approaching housing price collapse/recession, the administration's 'addiction to oil', its preparedness to bomb civilian populations by itself or via proxy, its refusal to allow trade with a neighbouring island ...

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