Reflections on the Great
Depression of 2010

15 Mar 2050

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ECB fights deflation with -ve interest rates and 400bn euro
Transcripts of 2008 Fed minutes reveal they were 'clueless'
RBS bank plans for a future with 30,000 fewer employees

27 Apr: 300 million aged 15-24 years without work globally
5 Jul: Record 48 million Americans (1 in 9) claiming food stamps
18 Jun: EU car sales hit 20 year low for May at 1.04m
8 Jan: Spain: Unemployment at record 26.6%, youth at 56.5%!

5 Dec: Citgroup to cut 11,000 jobs
13 Aug: Motorola Mobility - 4000 jobs to go
31 Jul: Deutsche Bank to cut 1900 jobs
26 Jul: Alcatel-Lucent telecoms giant to cut 5000 jobs
20 Jul: Spain: share index falls 6%, 10 year bond yields hit 7.3%
14 Jul: Best Buy to cut 2400 jobs
12 Jul: San Bernardino is 3rd California city to choose bancruptcy
12 Jul: Peugeot to close plant and cut 6500 jobs
22 Jun: Moody's downgrades 15 global banking giants
10 Jun: Spain asks for 100bn euros in bank aid
7 Jun: Fitch downgrades Spain's credit rating to BBB
4 Jun: Lisbon to inject 6.6bn euro into its three largest banks
3 Jun: BIS warns lending is contracting at fastest pace since 2008
25 May: FTSE All-World share index has lost 8.6% so far in May
25 May: Spain's Bankia seeks 19bn euro bailout
18 May: Hewlett-Packard to cut up to 30,000 jobs
9 May: Spain forced to rescue and nationalise Bankia bank
3 May: Lufthansa to cut 3500 jobs
15 Apr: Global economy remains on life support say Tracking Indices
9 Apr: Shipping indudstry worries - new demand failed to materialise
9 Apr: Sony to cut 10000 jobs follows worst ever full year loss
21 Mar: No future? 51% of Greek youth unemployed
14 Feb: Portugal's recessions deepens in Q4
9 Feb: Pepsi to cut 8700 jobs

30 Dec: $6.3tn wiped off global stock markets in 2011
21 Dec: Demand from banks for ECB loans rises to 489bn euros
15 Dec: IMF's Lagarde warns world risks sliding into 1930s slump
1 Dec: BoE - King warns Eurozone may 'spiral' into systematic crisis
23 Nov: Nokia to cut 17000 jobs or 23% of workforce
22 Nov: Eurozone banks borrow 250bn euro from ECB in a week
14 Nov: Merkel says Europe faces toughest hour since WWII
5 Nov: Av. duration of US unemployment - 44 wks- most since 1948
2 Nov: Container ships make record losses on Asia to Europe route
26 Oct: Peugeot to cut 6000 jobs
17 Oct: Philips to cut 4500 jobs
29 Sep: Soros warns world heading towards Great Depression
29 Sep: Nokia to cut 3500 jobs
27 Sep: BAE to axe 3000 jobs
16 Sep: Potential Greek default and contagion in Eurozone
12 Sep: Bank of America to cut 30,000 jobs
1 Sep: FT:Current UK depression will be longest since WW1
18 Aug: Chavez takes precaution repatriating Venezuelan gold
13 Aug: US Postal Service to cut 220,000 jobs by 2015!
11 Aug: Short selling ban on financial stocks in France, Italy, Spain..
10 Aug: Anarchy in the UK - 4 days of opportunist shop looting
10 Aug: Trading volumes hit record levels on uncertainty
7 Aug: The world runs out of options. Great reprieve is exhausted
6 Aug: Political theatre & US downgrade ramps up market fear
6 Aug: Global share sell off (Italy and Spain's 10yr bonds 6%)
6 Aug: US debt downgraded from AAA to AA+ by Standard & Poor
5 Aug: Anti-government riot in Chile against corrupt President
4 Aug:Think Tank predicts Italian default and Spain close miss
1 Aug: US talks to raise debt limit by $2.4tn = political crisis theatre
1 Aug: Greek's public sector suffers brunt of cuts in salary and jobs
31 July: HSBC to cut 10,000 jobs globally despirte $11bn profits
26 July: Blackberry group RIM to cut 2000 jobs
21 July: Cisco Systems to cut 6500 jobs (9% of workforce)
21 July: EU agrees €109bn euro Greek bailout
21 July: US Fed issued $16.1tn in loans from 1/12/07 and 21/7/10
18 July: Philips plans cost cuts after €1.3bn loss in Q2
8 July: Suicide is up across Europe (16% in Greece, 13% in Ireland)
1 July: Rare earth price spike as China clamps down on illegal mines
30 June: Greek austerity = privatisation of €50bn in state assets
26 June: Prepare for Demand Destruction. The BIS has spoken.
17 June: Greek PM faces riots over IMF/ECB austerity package

17 June: IMF force Germany to guarantee Greek bailout
15 June: Greek government 2 year bond yield hits 28%!
8 June: 48% polled by CNN fear a Great Depression is imminent
1 June: Belarus to seek IMF multi-billion dollar bailout
27 May: Police fire rubber bullets at protesters in Barcelona
24 May: China asserts that new IMF MD need not be European
20 May: Japan's Tepco announce $15bn loss for 2010/11
16 May: Pinochet adviser to steer IMF as Strauss-Kahn resigns
30 Apr: Apple's Chinese workers treated 'inhumanely, like machines'
29 Apr: Spain: 21% unemployed is highest rate in 13 years
28 Apr: Panasonic to cut 17000 jobs
25 Apr: Syria: Brutal repression of demonstrators continues
19 Apr: Oil consumption collapsing like in late 2008?
18 Apr: S&P switches to -ve outlook on US debt
15 Apr: Greet to privatise utilities to raise €50bn to pay off debts
14 Apr: Greece: 2 and 5 yr bond yields hit 18%
8 Apr: Portugal: Government seeks €80bn bailout from EU
26 Mar: Syria: 23 protesters killed
26 Mar: England: Anti-cuts march attracts 400,000 protesters
9 Mar: Major bond fund Pimco cuts its US treasury holdings to zero
18 Feb: Libya: Dozens reported killed in protests
17 Feb: Bahrain: Four protesters killed as riot police storm square
16 Feb: Yemen: Students lead anti-government rally in Sana'a
14 Feb: Carbon trading hit by computer hacking theft of allowances
12 Feb: Algeria: 400 arrested - protests banned in Algiers
11 Feb: Egypt: Continued protest forces Mubarak to resign
30 Jan: Egypt: Mubarak invites anarchy to kill legitimate protest
14 Jan: Tunisia: unrest forces President Ben Ali to flee country
12 Jan: Foreign reserves give China grip on business, finance...
9 Jan: 73.6% of US working age men aged 20+ in employment
1 Jan: US bank failures: 157 in 2010, 140 in 2009, 25 in 2008

20 Dec: $2tn debt crisis threatens to bring down 100 US cities
14 Dec: Italy: Riots as Berlusconi wins vote of confidence by 3 votes
8 Dec: China net seller of US treasuries in Sep. 10 year yield 3.3%
2 Dec: What Crisis? US Fed lent out $3.3tn during crisis to date
29 Nov: Ireland: €85bn bailout from EU is a done deal
27 Nov: Ireland: 100,000 protest in Dublin against bailout cuts
27 Nov: Ireland: Banks suffered over €30bn in outflows in 2010
25 Nov: Gov.Bonds yields rise to Irish 9%, Portugal 7%, Spain 5%
24 Nov: Ireland: austerity - €15bn in further cuts announced
17 Nov: Swiss drug firm Roche to cut 4800 jobs
15 Nov: Dubai government forced to inject $2bn into Dubai Holding
12 Nov: China's stocks index driven down 5% in a day
11 Nov: China says US quantitative easing is destabilising currencies
11 Nov: Irish 10 year bonds yield hits 8.64%, Portuguese 7.2%
9 Nov: Chinese credit agency further downgrades US debt to AA
4 Nov: 42 million Americans claimed foodstamps in August
3 Nov : US Fed confirms further $600bn of quantitative easing
26 Oct: Vestas to cut 3000 jobs at wind turbine plants
19 Oct: Bank of America posts $7.3bn Q3 loss
18 Oct: Protestors shut petrol supply from 12 French oil refineries

14 Oct: Lloyds Bank has cut 20,000 jobs since start of the crisis
6 Oct: Unemployment in California growing at same rate as in 2009
5 Oct: Banks need to roll over $4 trillion of debt in next 24 months
3 Oct: 1200 NASA staff to be laid off
30 Sep: Persistent high unemployment will stir unrest warns UN
29 Sep: 100,000 demonstrate against policy of public sector cuts
23 Sep: 80% of US banking assets concentrated in 1% of banks
20 Sep: NBER says longest downturn since 1930s ended June 09

7 Sep: £40m a year investment banker made CEO of Barclays
21 Aug: 118 US bank failures to date in 2010 vs 140 in all of 2009
18 Aug: Greece - inflation, massive unemployment, simmering anger
6 Aug: 130,000 further US job losses in July
5 Aug: US food stamp claims rise to 40.8m in May (vs 11m in '05)
30 Jul: Striking truckers cause Greek fuel shortage - military called
27 Jul: US oil spill sees BP posting a $17bn loss in Q2
19 Jul: Moody's downgrades Ireland's bonds to Aa2 from Aa1
15 July: Bet on Chinese shifting from exports to consumption
12 Jul: Chinese rating agency strips US, UK & France of AAA rating

8 Jul: Delinquency rate on US $1m+ investment homes hits 23%
29 Jun: US consumer confidence plunges in June
27 Jun: Krugman fears we're at early stages of third depression
25 Jun: Baltic Dry shipping index down 40% on a month ago
25 Jun: Italy: austerity measures and general strike
24 Jun: New home sales in US sink as tax break stimulus ends
23 Jun: IFS warns UK faces worst public service cuts since WWII
23 Jun: Debt securitisation still frozen, cheap funding 'vanished'.
21 Jun: Collapse in ECRI growth indicator spells trouble ahead?
16 Jun: Spanish banks borrow 85.6bn euros from ECB in May!
10 Jun: Record 93,000 US homes repossessed in May
10 Jun: Soros - we've entered Act II of system collapse
8 Jun: May 'flash shares crash' wiped billions off Hedge funds
7 Jun: UK: austerity measures
27 May: Spanish rescue CajaSur bank showing 596m euro loss
13 May: Portugal: austerity measures
12 May: Spain: austerity measures
10 May: RBS to cut 2600 insurance and retail banking jobs
10 May: Fannie Mae seeks $8.4bn from government after loss
10 May: US bank failures - 68 so far in 2010 (total 140 in 2009)
10 May: 500bn euro bailout fund rewrites EU rulebook
9 May: 300bn euro in late payments hit European companies
7 May: Japan injects $20bn in liquidity to calm markets
6 May: Panic! Dow Jones falls 1000 points. S&P 500 down 8.6%
6 May: Is recovery producing a false sense of security?
5 May: Batten down the hatches for decade of austerity
5 May: Protests against austerity measures turn violent in Greece
29 Apr: BofE Governor anticipates an era of severe austerity?
28 Apr: S&P downgrades Greek, Portuguese & Spanish gov. debt
27 Apr: European shares fall as S&P gives Greek debt junk status
25 Apr: China becomes World Bank's third largest shareholder
22 Apr: UK public borrowing rises to £167bn in 09/10
21 Apr: UK unemployment rises to 16 year high
16 Apr: Goldman Sachs accused of subprime fraud
14 Apr: Morgan Stanley - possible $5.4bn property fund losses
15 Apr: 1 in every 138 US homeowners set to lose homes in Q1
6 Apr: US Food stamp usage rises for 14th month to record 39m
2 Apr: US longterm unemployed grows. 6.5m out of work for 27wks
1 Apr: US personal bankruptcies in March up 19% on last year
31 Mar: Eurozone unemployment rises to 10% (19% in Spain)
30 Mar: Irish banks need billions to cover bad loans
29 Mar: Ford sells Volvo Cars to China's Geely
28 Mar: Sell-off of 10 year US treasuries pushes yield over 3.9%
24 Mar: Fitch rating agency cuts Portugal's debt rating to AA-
17 Mar: Underwater US homeowners opting for 'strategic defaults'
15 Mar: Moody's fears austerity plans will test 'social cohesion'
11 Mar: Up to 60,000 take to the streets to protest in Greece
9 Mar: Chevron to cut 2000 jobs
8 Mar: US states got $87bn less in tax revenues in 12mths to Sep 09
6 Mar: Icelanders reject deal to repay foreign Icesave savers
26 Feb: AIG insurance loses $8.9bn in Q3

23 Feb: FDIC places 702 more lenders on its list of problem banks
23 Feb: Commerzbank hit by 4.5bn Euro loss
23 Feb: US consumer confidence index falls sharply in February
22 Feb: State tax collections in US continue decline despite tax hikes
14 Feb: Investors abandon high-yield corporate (junk) bonds
12 Feb: Obama signs bill to lift US debt ceiling by $1.9tn to $14.3tn
12 Feb: Big fall in foreign government purchase of US debt in Feb?
12 Feb: Like UK, Eurozone grew just 0.1% in Q4 of 2009
9 Feb: China just became world's No.1 exporter
9 Feb: 8300 Vauxhall jobs lost. Belgium, Germany and UK hit
8 Feb: Speculators make 8bn euro bet against euro
7 Feb: Virgin boss Branson flags up risk of oil crunch within 5 years
4 Feb: Spain and Portugal to join Greece in debt crisis?
4 Feb: Shell adds further 1000 job cuts to the 5000 cut in 2009
4 Feb: World oil capacity to peak in 2010 says Petrobas CEO
31 Jan: Glaxo's £1.7bn cost cutting exercise to result in job cuts
29 Jan: Crisis in Greece - gov. bond prices fall 6% in one month
28 Jan: AstraZeneca to cut further 8000 jobs
22 Jan: US stimulus is 4x value of all post war recession injections!
20 Jan: UK output fell 5% in '09, worst fall since 1931
19 Jan: Japan Airlines files for bankruptcy
13 Jan: German GDP contracted 5% in 2009 - worst post war fall
12 Jan: AOL to cut over 2500 jobs

8 Jan: Consumer credit in US down by record $17bn in November
8 Jan: California (with $20bn budget deficit) asks Fed for $6.9bn
8 Jan: Eurozone umemployment hits 10%, Spain's 19.4%
7 Jan: US personal bankcruptcy filings rose by 32% in 2009

24 Dec: Chinese carmaker to buy Volvo for $2bn
18 Dec: General Motors to shut down Saab
17 Dec: More Americans consider walking away from their mortgages
15 Dec: Moody's warns of 'social unrest' as sovereign debt spirals
14 Dec: Austria nationalises Hypo bank, its 6th largest bank
10 Dec: More cars will be sold in China than in the USA this year
8 Dec: 37.2m Americans (1 in 8) are claiming food stamps
8 Dec: Half of US small business owners see things getting worse
8 Dec: Japan unveils $80bn stimulus plan
8 Dec: Greece's credit rating downgraded sending markets down
28 Nov: Carbon offset schemes not working says holiday firm
27 Nov: NYSE invokes Rule 48 anticipating major volatility in shares?
26 Nov: Dubai World debt crisis drives FTSE 100 down by 3%
11 Nov: UK youth unemployment at 20%
6 Nov: US jobless rose to 10% in October
3 Nov: US housebuyer of 2006: "Buying the house was a mistake"
3 Nov: Johnson & Johnson to cut 8000 jobs
3 Nov: Today's energy gives US Citizen equivalent of 100 servants
1 Nov: CIT is now bankrupt, having taken £2.3bn from US Treasury
16 Oct: BoA hit by consumer mortgage and credit card defaults
15 Oct: US States' total tax income fell by 16% in Q2 - cuts required
13 Oct: Total pay for US 'production workers' falls 9 mths in a row
8 Oct: US budget deficit balloons to $1.4 trillion
7 Oct: Latvian proposal threatens foreign banks with huge losses
4 Oct: Massive debts bankrupt companies bought by private equity
30 Sep: 40% of banks' crisis losses still not accounted for in Europe?
28 Sep: US bank deposit insurer faces its own liquidity problems
28 Sep : US bank failures = 99 so far in 2009. 25 in 2008.
25 Sep: US financial sector losses on loans in '09 triple the '02 high
24 Sep: Spanish youth unemployment rises to 38%
22 Sep: Corporate insiders using rally to sell their share holdings
20 Sep: 588,000 US homebuyers handed back the keys in 2008
17 Sep: 2009 surge in individual share investors echoes DotCom era
16 Sep: OECD predicts unemployment will peak in 2010
15 Sep: IATA says Airlines face losses of $11 bn in 2009
14 Sep: US 'deflation in credit, wages and rents... a toxic brew'
14 Sep: Moody's thinks UK banks face further £130bn in losses
13 Sep: Around 12% of the world's container ships now stand idle
13 Sep: Speculation in derivatives played big part in financial crisis
4 Sep: Repayment of construction loans falters in US
4 Sep: US unemployment rose to 9.7% in August
2 Sep: Withdrawals from 2 new hedge funds barred for 3 years
31 Aug: China share index loses 6.7% in a day
28 Aug: Japanese unemployment rises to 5.7% - most since 1960
27 Aug: Fall in UK business spending - most since 1966
26 Aug: Germany concerned by fall in bank lending to business
20 Aug: China slashed its holdings of US treasuries in June?
19 Aug: After big gains Chinese share index falls 20% in two weeks
12 Aug: UK unemployment rises to 7.8%
5 Aug: Lloyds reports £4bn loss after £11bn increase in bad debts
31 July: Eurozone unemployment rose to 9.4% in June
31 July: 69 US banks shut so far in 2009, vs 25 in '08 and 3 in '07
31 July: US GDP shrank 6.4% in 12 months to March 2009
24 July: UK GDP shrank 5.6% in 12 months to June 2009
22 July: Investors shun resold commercial mortgages in US
21 July: China to shrink dollar reserves in favour of energy resources
21 July: $6bn cut in education to result from California's debt deal
20 July: US states face serious budget deficits as tax income shrinks
15 July: Factories running at 65% capacity in Japan, 69% in USA
17 July: Falling demand for GE's industrial equipment hits profits
16 July: 79,000 US homes repossessed in June. 65,000 in May
16 July: 1 in 8 Americans late on mortgage payment or in foreclosure
15 July: Record rise in UK unemployment in 3 months to May
12 July: California issues IOUs to those owned money by the state
30 June: UK economy shrinks most in 50 years in Q4 of 08/9
29 June: $24bn budget deficit forces California to issue IOUs
24 June: Europe's Central Bank props up banks with 442bn euro
15 June: Moody's downgrades Spanish banks - 17% unemployment
12 June: With 27,000 cases, swine flu is officially a pandemic
11 June: Chinese exports in May fell faster than April's
10 June: ECB lends 3bn euro to Swedish bank to save Latvia
10 June: Fed reports 'weak or deteriorating' economy in Apr-May
10 June: $ billions of Las Vegas building development put on ice
9 June: Arcandor (which owns 53% of Thomas Cook) is bankrupt
3 June: 1 in 9 Americans now dependant on federal food stamps
2 June: General Motors declares itself bankrupt
22 May: Q1 in UK: output, pay and household spending falling
22 May: Private equity snaps up collapsed Florida BankUnited
20 May: Japan's GDP shrunk by 4% in Q4
15 May: British Telecom to shed 15,000 jobs
15 May: Eurozone GDP in Q1 fell by 2.5%, Germany's by 3.8%
12 May: Advanta closes small business credit card facility
12 May: US banks end '08 with $26.6bn of repossesed property
12 May: UK unemployment rises to 7.1%
12 May: Chinese exports in April fell for the 6th month in a row
8 May: US unemployment rises to 8.9%
6 May: Gold price graph highlights continued uncertainty
5 May: Bank "bailout money going in one door and out the other"
1 May: US car sales fall to near 30 year low
25 Apr: Spanish jobless total hits 4 million
15 Apr: Swiss bank UBS to cut further 8700 jobs
9 Apr: Japan $154bn stimulus plan to boost stocks and shares
3 Apr: New deregulation lets banks inflate value of illiquid assets
3 Apr: US unemployment rises to 8.5%
2 Apr: G20 summit proposes plan for global recovery and reform
1 Apr: Irish property prices down 40% since peaking in 2006
31 Mar: $12.8tn now pledged to bail out US - equal to 2008 GDP
31 Mar: US property prices down 29% from their peak

26 Mar: Credit markets still pricing in years of absolute disaster
25 Mar: Japan's February exports down 50% on year earlier
23 Mar: $1tn plan to relieve US banks of 'assets' nobody wants
21 Mar: What crisis? Graph shows US bank borrowing from FED
15 Mar: First collective loss for listed US companies since 1935
13 Mar: Chinese worried about continued value of their US bonds
11 Mar: Chinese exports in February down 25% on a year ago
10 Mar: UK manufacturing output falling at annual rate of 12.8%
9 Mar: Top 5 US banks at risk of losing $587bn on derivatives deals
6 Mar: US unemployment rises to 8.1%
6 Mar: 670,000 small Chinese businesses close as demand shrinks
2 Mar: AIG - insurer of banks - lost $61 bn in Q4
28 Feb: Factory output is collapsing (Taiwan -43%, Japan -30%...
27 Feb: US economy shrinks at fastest rate in 25 years
26 Feb: GM's future in doubt after $31bn loss in 2008
25 Feb: Japan's exports down 45% in January
24 Feb: US home prices fell by 18.5% in the year to Dec 08

22 Feb: Graph: How the current crash shapes up historically
21 Feb: Anglo American cuts 19,000 jobs
20 Feb: FTSE 100 falls 3.2% in a day, other indexes fall
19 Feb: Bank of Japan to buy up Y1000bn of corporate bonds
19 Feb: Plan announced to prevent 9 million US repossessions
18 Feb: GM to cut 47,000 jobs - 20% of its global workforce
16 Feb: Japanese exports fell 13.9% in Q3 vs 2007
15 Feb: Austria forced to rescue Eastern Europeans it lent to
14 Feb: Congress approves $787 US economic stimulus bill
12 Feb: 4.8m Americans now claiming unemployment benefits
10 Feb: Minister says UK 'facing the worst recession in 100 years'
10 Feb: GM to cut 10,000 jobs
9 Feb: Nissan to cut 20,000 jobs worldwide
6 Feb: Icelandic Baugur retail empire goes into administration
6 Feb: 600,000 US jobs lost in January, jobless rate now 7.6%
2 Feb: Glaxosmithkline to cut 6000 jobs
31 Jan: Pfizer to cut 19,000 jobs
29 Jan: 46 US states face budget shortfalls
29 Jan: Ford made $14.6bn dollar loss in 2008
28 Jan: Western car manufacturer bailouts run into £billions
28 Jan: Boeing to cut 10,000 jobs
27 Jan: 80,000 job losses announced in one day
26 Jan: Caterpillar to cut 20,000 jobs
23 Jan: What Crisis? Graph shows US banks' borrowing from FED
22 Jan: Microsoft axes jobs for the first time - 5000 to go
20 Jan: German retailer, Metro, sheds 15,000 jobs
20 Jan: Spain's credit rating downgraded to AA+
20 Jan: Graph illustrates shrinking investor confidence in banks
17 Jan: 27 banks have failed since the start of the credit crisis
17 Jan: British banks are 'technically insolvent'
16 Jan: Citigroup reports $8bn loss for Q4 of 2008
16 Jan: US government throws Bank of America a $138 lifeline
9 Jan: US shedding jobs at fastest rate since 1945
9 Jan: Europe's economy contracts at rate not seen since 1930s
8 Jan: US debt losing its appeal in China
8 Jan: US consumer borrowing fell by $7.9bn in November
8 Jan: Obama outlines $775 US stimulus package
7 Jan: Satyam of India $1bn corporate fraud revealed
2 Jan: Austrian government take over Bank Medici after? $3bn loss


31 Dec: UK shares down 31% in '08, Russian 72%, Chinese 65%
30 Dec: Japan planning $110bn bank bail-out?
30 Dec: Japan's Nikkei 225 ends the year down by 42%
23 Dec: US house prices down 13% in last 12 months
19 Dec: Bush promises $17.4bn bailout for US carmakers
19 Dec: Oil falls below $34
17 Dec: New car sales lump across Europe - by half in Spain
17 Dec: Fed slashes interest rates to 0.25%
16 Dec: 50,000 jobs at risk in privatisation of Royal Mail
15 Dec: Hedge fund $50bn Ponzi pyramid selling fraud
14 Dec: Pound crash. £1 buys you less than 1 Euro on high street
12 Dec: Sony to axe 8000 jobs and close factories
11 Dec: Jim Rodgers: 'larger banks are bankrupt, totally bankrupt'
11 Dec: US jobless claims soar to 26 year high
11 Dec: Obama unveils $1 trillion economic package
11 Dec: Shortage of physical gold as investors seek safety
11 Dec: Negative interest on safe three month treasury bills!
10 Dec: Woolworths collapse could mean 32,000 job losses
10 Dec: Rio Tinto axes 14,000 jobs to reduce debt
8 Dec: UK bank lending and bond issuance contracting at speed
5 Dec: US shed 533,000 jobs in November
5 Dec: Investment banks set to cut 30,000 jobs
3 Dec: Copper, lead and zinc prices just fell 60% from July peak
1 Dec: 20,000 uniformed troops to help state inside US by 2011
1 Dec: Withdrawals from $10bn flagship hedge fund suspended
26 Nov: $8.5 trillion already promised in attempt to stop US rot
25 Nov: US taxpayer to guarantee $300bn in Citigroup rescue
20 Nov: US jobless claims rose to a 16 year high last week
19 Nov: FTSE 100 falls 5% and hovers around 4000
17 Nov: Ex-Fed Chair Volcker warns of "broken financial system"
17 Nov: Citigroup to cut further 52,000 jobs on top of 23,000
13 Nov: BT to cut 10,000 jobs
11 Nov: Virgin Media plans 2200 job losses
8 Nov: General Motors lost $38.7bn in 2007
7 Nov: Ford reports $3bn quarterly loss and announces job cuts
7 Nov: IMF predicts 1st full year slump for West since 1940s
6 Nov: BoE slashes rates to 3% - the lowest in the UK since 1954
6 Nov: Man hedge funds shares lose 31% of value in a day
4 Nov: More than 6000 people a day are losing their jobs in Spain
3 Nov: General Motors car sales for Oct down 45% on last year
2 Nov: What Crisis? Graph shows US banks' borrowing from FED
31 Oct: October saw the worst stock market losses in 21 years
31 Oct: Barclays looking to raise £7bn fast, taps oil rich Dubai
29 Oct: West goes cap in hand to China
29 Oct: Hedge funds take £24bn hit after Porshe buys into VW
28 Oct: Bank bailouts have cost taxpayers £4473bn worldwide
27 Oct: Nikkei Index closes at 26-year low
26 Oct: Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia now queuing up for IMF rescue
25 Oct: FTSE hammered, Pound clobbered, UK economy contracting
24 Oct: Bailout $bns likely to be used for mergers & acquisitions
24 Oct: FTSE 100 falls 5%, Dax 5%, Dow Jones 4% all in a day
23 Oct: Wachovia bank posts $23.7bn quarterly loss
23 Oct: Contagion: South Korea's shares index falls 8.5% in a day
22 Oct: Britain is now in recessession says BoE's Mervyn King
21 Oct: Iceland agrees to $6bn deal with IMF
21 Oct: Government borrowing may cause fiscal tightening in 2010
17 Oct: £360bn of derivatives insuring Lehman against default due
16 Oct: FTSE 100 has fallen 23% so far this month
13 Oct: Germany and France announce 1 trillion euro bank bailout
12 Oct: HBOS and RBS to be nationalised
11 Oct: Iceland needs help fast to avert total collapse
11 Oct: Those who insured Lehman via derivatives now in trouble
10 Oct: The day £2.7 trn was wiped off the value of shares globally
10 Oct: Crisis becomes crash of type not seen since 1929
10 Oct: FTSE 100's biggest ever fall of 1047 points this week
10 Oct: Nikkei has fallen 24% in a week
10 Oct: UK Council's savings at risk in Icelandic banks
9 Oct: Iceland's government forced to take over Kaupthing
8 Oct: UK government to buy shares in UK banks ... to stop rout
8 Oct: More falls. HBOS shares just fell by 50% in two days
8 Oct: Dow Jones has just fallen 13% in a week
7 Oct: Iceland's government forced to take over Landsbanki
6 Oct: BIG falls on UK, Paris, US, Brazilian etc stock markets
5 Oct: German's 2nd biggest property lender needs £27bn fast
5 Oct: Icelandic Krona fell 27% against the dollar last week!
3 Oct: What crisis? $700bn US bailout vote passes. Markets fall.
3 Oct: California is running out of money
3 Oct: France is officially in recession
3 Oct: Greece issues blanket guarantee of all bank deposits
1 Oct: Irish government guarantees 6 banks' deposits for 2 years
30 Sep: Very rich buying up physical gold at unprecedented rate
29 Sep: Hong Kong down 4%, FTSE 100 down 5%, Dow down 9%
29 Sep: US bailout voted out, central banks inject $620bn anyway
29 Sep: Bradford & Bingley, Fortis, Glitnir & Wachovia banks failing
27 Sep: Bradford & Bingley - second UK bank to be nationalised
26 Sep: Belgian bank Fortis wants to sell £7.9bn of assets... fast
26 Sep: 150 economists urge Congress not to rush through plan
26 Sep: Washington Mutual bank is biggest US bank failure so far
26 Sep: Never has so much been asked of so many for so few
25 Sep: Ireland now officially in recession
24 Sep: China's banks told to halt lending to US banks
23 Sep: Market volatility: 3% falls in FTSE & Dow
22 Sep: Currency Hedge-Fund Chair: 'the dollar will get crushed'
21 Sep: Default by the US government is no longer unthinkable
20 Sep: Bush seeks emergency $800bn from congress / taxpayers
20 Sep: FT reports on Wall Street's Wild Week
17 Sep: Privatising profit and socialising risk - socialism for the rich
17 Sep: Worst part of the banking system is being nationalised
17 Sep: PM involved as Lloyds TSB looks to rescue HBOS
17 Sep: Morgan Stanley shares fall 40%, Goldman Sachs fall 21%
17 Sep: Moscow suspends trading - steepest falls since '98 crisis
17 Sep: Fed bails out AIG insurance with $40bn
16 Sep: FTSE 100 falls to 5000 points; HBOS shares fall by 40%
15 Sep: US' biggest Investment Bank Lehman declared bankrupt
6 Sep: Fannie & Freddie $5 trn risk to be shifted to US tax payer
5 Sep: Market volatility: 3% one day fall in world stock markets
1 Sep: 'solvency issues'- 9 US banks have failed so far in 2008
30 Aug: Economy facing 60 year low, says UK Chancellor
19 Aug: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac shares just fell 22% & 25%
15 Aug: Lehman Brothers bank trying to sell $40bn in real estate
15 Aug: Almost all rich OECD countries experiencing a downturn
8 Aug: Royal Bank of Scotland posts its first loss in 40 years
8 Aug: The history of today's credit crisis
1 Aug: First Priority Bank is the 8th US bank to fail in 2008
31 July: Commodity bubble popping? Oil just fell $20 in a month
29 July: Value of av. US house has fallen 16% over last 12 mths
24 July: The UK has outsourced its carbon emissions
22 July: 80% of respondents in poll see UK going into recession
22 July: US's 4th largest bank, Wachovia, lost $8/9bn in Q2
21 July: HBOS underwriters left with £2.5bn of unsold shares
21 July: Risks have been socialised...rewards will go to capitalists
17 July: Merrill Lynch hit by $9.4bn writedown
17 July: Spain's largest property developer is bankrupt
14 July: Fed rescues Fannie & Freddie to avert depression?
12 July: Run on US IndyMac Bank foreces Fed to take it over
12 July: UK banks have used up £50bn BoE facility & hope for more
11 July: Share crash of US institutions with £6 trn in home loans
11 July: Banks are skint! Lending has fallen off a cliff in 2008
11 July: Speed of UK house price decline now rivals 1930s?
11 July: Fannie & Freddie shares down 45% in minutes!
10 July: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac shares fall 11% & 21% in a day
8 July: RBS analyst "a very nasty period is soon to be upon us"
8 July: 2% fall this morning takes FTSE 100 into bear territory
8 July: BCC: correction may be longer and nastier than anticipated
7 July: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac shares fall 16% & 18% in a day
4 July: FTSE 100 has fallen 19.6% since October 2007 peak
1 July: FT video on 20% fall of shares worldwide so far in 2008
28 June: Barclays Capital predicts deep global recession
28 June: Worst June since 1930s for US stocks
27 June: Sales of GM's cars running 20-40% below 2007 level
24 June: US consumer confidence hits 16 year low
18 June: RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert
16 June: CBI says UK is facing its toughest year since 1992
15 June: What crisis? Graph shows US banks' borrowing from FED
15 June: Parallel derivatives betting starving real world of cash?
9 June: 17 banks act to shore up $62trn credit default market
9 June: Lehman just sold $130bn assets & reports $2.8bn loss
7 June: Dow falls 3% in a day and oil hits $139 per barrel
6 June: US umemployed grew at highest rate in 22 yrs in May
5 June: S & P downgrades municipal bond insurers MBIA & Ambac
4 June: OECD predicts UK growth will fall to 1.4% in 2009
4 June: 1/2 of Brits think next 6 mths will be hard going
3 June: S & P downgrades undercapitalised US banks
1 June: Banks' credit crisis solutions have echoes of 1929?
29 May: UK house prices fall 2.5% in 1 month- fastest since 1991
27 May: US house prices fall 2% in 1 month- fastest fall since 30s
26 May: Soros: Britain facing worse recession of our lifetime
23 May: California home prices fell 32% in year to April
23 May: US home price index shows 3% fall in prices in Q1
22 May: Is this good? $15 trillion at stake in derivatives market
21 May: Desperation? UBS shifts debt and loses $7bn in process
17 May: Banks help Iceland after Krona falls 25% in 4 months
13 May: US foreclosures up 65% on a year ago
12 May: HSBC reports $3.2bn subprime loss
12 May: MBIA insurer reports $2.4bn loss on insured derivatives
10 May: What crisis? Graph shows US banks' borrowing from FED
9 May: Californian city of Vallejo files for bankruptcy
9 May: Citigroup to sell $400bn of assets?
7 May: Fannie Mae announces $2.2bn quarterly loss
7 May: US April business bankruptcy filings up 49% on year ago
6 May: US commercial bankruptcy filings rose 56% in April
6 May: 5500 jobs to go at UBS bank
3 May: Crisis over? Fed & ECB pump extra $82bn into system
30 Apr: Fed carries on cutting US interest rates - down to 2%
29 Apr: Gallup Poll: 59% think a depression is 'somewhat likely'
29 Apr: HBOS seeks £4bn following £2.84bn writedown

25 Apr: 23 US states report budget shortfalls
25 Apr: Construction industry anticipates mass lay offs
25 Apr: Northern Rock finalises plans to shed 2000 staff
25 Apr: Fears of major rise in Eurozone unemployment
24 Apr: Credit Suisse announces $5.2 bn asset writedown
22 Apr: 40% of companies consider layoffs, 1/3 sale of assets
22 Apr: Royal Bank of Scotland needs £12bn - discount share issue
21 Apr: Anyone buy £50bn of illiquid mortgage debt? Sure. The BoE
19 Apr: Financial crisis forces Britons into austerity?
14 Apr: US banks Citigroup & Merrill Lynch reveal new $15bn loss
11 Apr: General Electric shares fall 12% - biggest drop since '87
10 Apr: IMF: "largest financial shock since the Great Depression
9 Apr: IMF: $1trn crisis due to poor regulation & huge risk taking
5 Apr: Soros predicts up-ending of 25 years of free market thinking
3 Apr: Fears that Icelandic banks are about to run out of cash
1 Apr: Fed charts to March 08 show scale of current variances
1 Apr: Reliance on food stamps in US at highest in decades
1 Apr: UBS bank's losses rise to $37bn dollars
31 Mar: Shares could fall 75% from peak, despite rallies
30 Mar: 10 of the most important economic events of last 10 years
30 Mar: Fund manager's extravagance starting to ring hollow
30 Mar: Investors pull $100bn out of equity funds in 3 months
27 Mar: Fed tries to resuscitate mortgage backed securities
27 Mar: Bids for emergency cash 3x the BoE's £13bn offer
24 Mar: $516 trillion in derivatives is a disaster waiting to happen
22 Mar: 1927 - 1933: What the 'experts' said at the time...
22 Mar: Losses mean Sovereign Wealth Funds may lose appetite
20 Mar: Bids for emergency cash 4x more than ECB's €15bn offer
19 Mar: Investor panic leading to freefall $ - 'worryingly plausible'
19 Mar: Shares in Halifax Bank of Scotland fall 17% in a day
18 Mar: Not since 1930s has Fed felt this kind of action necessary
18 Mar: Fed cuts interest rates again, this time by 0.75%
18 Mar: The financial crisis: How bad is it?
17 Mar: A lack of trust spells crisis in any language
17 Mar: Sterling falls 2% against basket of currencies in one day
17 Mar: Bids for emergency cash 5x higher than BoE's £5bn offer
17 Mar: FTSE 100 falls 4%, Dax 4%, Hang Seng 5%, Sensex 5%
17 Mar: Bear Stearns sold for 1/100th of its 2007 valuation price
17 Mar: Yen hits 12 year high against dollar
16 Mar: Wall Street fears for next Great Depression
31 Jan: What crisis? Graph shows US banks' borrowing from FED